The Benefits of Nose Breathing: And Why You Should Absolutely Do It 24/7

How we breath absolutely effects us 

It even effects the density of our BONES! The facts are clear, how we breath matters, and nose breathing is absolutely superior and here’s why.


So many humans walk around taking our breath for granted, without any knowledge that a bit of care and attention, and a bit of deliberate practice can potentially yield quite dramatic benefits.

Average breathing

The average person breaths ~25,000 times a day, most of us aren’t thinking much about these breaths. We take in 30lbs of air into our lungs every single day. Once we take control of these unconscious breathing processes we can harness the power within breathing and reap the incredible benefits.

refining the air

When we are breathing through our nose we are humidifying the air, pressurizing the air, filtering the air, and overall conditioning it such that by the time it reaches our lungs the air can be more easily absorbed and we can more efficiently extract oxygen from it. About 25-50% of the population habitually mouth breaths, and when you mouth breath you get none of these refining benefits. Really, you should think of your lungs in terms of them being an external organ, they get exposed to everything in your environment. And do you really want to expose your lungs to all the pollution and allergens that happen to be present in your environment? Absolutely not! The quickest way of filtering air and conditioning it is this wonderful organ on the front of our faces, what might this be you ask?   THE NOSE.


Making a switch to nose breathing will lead to dramatic positive impacts on your health and future. Some of the various benefits that can be attributed to nasal breathing include but are not limited to, aiding your immune system, reducing your exposure to foreign substances, humidifying and warming inhaled air, increasing the air flow to arteries, veins, and nerves, increasing oxygen uptake and circulation, slowing down your breathing, improving your lung volume, helping your diaphragm work properly, lowering your risk of allergies and hay fever, reducing your risk of coughing, lowering your risk of snoring and sleep apnea, and last but not least supporting the correct formation of teeth and mouth (literally makes you better looking).

making a switch.

Now that you know how important nose breathing is. It is crucial for your personal health to make a conscious effort to switch to nose breathing. At first it may be difficult, you may feel very congested. Thats okay, you’re doing great. The nose is a use it or lose it organ, the more you use it the more its going to open up, the more those tissues are going to acclimate and open up. This new healthy habit of nose breathing will become easier and easier, and you will be absolutely grateful you did yourself the favor of switching.


Now, you may get the the point where you consciously have trained yourself to automatically breath through your nose without a thought. Congratulations you are now certainly moving in the direction of a healthier mind and body. The problem we see pop up within the conversion process is easy to understand. Sleep. You see, your conscious efforts during your waking hours to nose breath will be VITAL in terms of your general health. But that won’t help you while you’re unconscious, asleep. Mouth breathing during sleep can lead to several issues, such as dry mouth, morning grogginess, less energy, worse cognition, and overall worse quality sleep. Now unfortunately we cannot be there to catch ourselves when we are mouth breathing in our sleep. But luckily there are proven methods that have been shown time and time again to fix these issues and train yourself to nose breath while in your slumber…

what can you do?

You’re likely on board and thinking, “I hear you, I need to train myself to nose breath, what can I do while I sleep?” 
Well I’ll tell you the incredibly easy solution. Tape your mouth! This leads to your mouth muscles to adjust to nose breathing and will lead it incredible boosts in your vitality. This has helped people tremendously (myself included). Mouth breathing while sleeping can weaken tissues at the back of your throat making yourself more likely to develop snoring, sleep apnea, and conditions alike. The tape we recommend to you can be found right here


1. Breathing through your nose, will lead to improved cognition, enhanced bone structure, more energy, better mornings, reduced risk of certain health conditions, a healthier mind and a healthier body, and several notable benefits.

2. Converting to nose breathing is something that takes some conscious effort but is totally doable and absolutely worth it.

3. You can fix your poor unconscious breathing habits with mouth tape.

You are amazing, and we wish you the best in terms of achieving your health goals. One step at a time

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